Fence Erecting Disputes

Fence, Hedges and Wall Disputes

Boundary fences,hedges and walls cause more disputes between home owners and neighbours than any thing else I know. If it isn’t who owns the fence or wall, it is who is responsible for maintaining it.

There are several things you can do before things get out of hand and the easiest by far is to talk to each other in a calm and relaxed manner. Yes sometimes that is very difficult to do or your neighbour just refuses to talk and is adamant in his position. Sorry but then you have to look at different ways to get over the problem.

The first action you can do is check on the deeds or plans to see if there is any mention on who owns the boundary line or even if it is shared between you. If you do have a plan and there is a T on it and if it is on your side of the property you own that fence. If there are 2 T marks on the plans facing away from each other forming a H then it is a shared property line or fence.

Ok, you now know who owns it, whether it’s shared, your neighbours or yours.

What can I do if I don’t own the fence or it’s shared?

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Don’t worry we can still get over this and this is a tip that for some reason people just don’t think of or don’t know their in their rights to do so. I can hear you shouting come on what is it – spill the beans.

You just build another fence on your side of the property that can even be touching the existing fence. How about that, bet you weren’t thinking about that, hey? Now this is the thing, your neighbour will not have any say or rights on the new fence because it’s on your property.

This tip can absolutely save you thousands of pounds in legal fees for disputing boundary’s.

The other dispute that also often crops up is the access to maintaining your fences, walls or property. Now again look on your title deeds to see if anything is documented, if not and talks have broken down there are other actions that you can carry out. I have added a couple of links below where you can check this out further.