We have been the only approved contractor for many of our clients ranging between 5 and 20 years plus. Not bad for a landscape company to brag about in today’s climate, hey!!

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What is the secret formula to our success in our commercial landscape maintenance?


We put our success into working with companies down to being an ‘old school’ family run business that still prides itself with customer satisfaction.


When we go out on site to meet the clients we are always on time if not a couple of minutes early, but not to early. If we are going to be late because we have been held up by maybe traffic or roadworks, even if it is only five minutes we always ring the client to let them know. There is nothing worse than having people turn up late, we know as this is one of our biggest bug bearers.


When you meet the client make sure you confirm their name and yours.

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So it would be something like “John Doe? Hi I am Ted Wosko A-Z Landscapes & Contract Services Ltd, nice to meet you” this is done to start making a connection between yourselves.


Once the conversation starts about the project, just listen to what the client is telling you and do not interrupt. If it is several different areas or types work then before you move on to the next one, that is the time to talk, confirming that you know what the client needs and expectations are.

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If at this point you have suggestions because you can see a better or alternative way of doing things this is the time to speak up. Saying something like “Is there any particular reason you would like it carried out like this or may we make a suggestion that we think would be a lot easier and you would end up with a better finished product”


Why are we doing this? Some people (and we have dealt with some but not many) do not intend to listen to what you have to say. By saying “May”, you are asking them for their permission to allow you to make suggestions.


By doing this we have never been refused the chance to make those suggestions, also you make more of a connection and build trust with that person. When you start making your suggestion you should say “in my experience I would do it like this”. You are confirming to the client that you are the expert and that is why you are there to help them.

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It’s Funny because my very first meeting with Grayson Palmer from Duncan Clark and Beckett nearly resulted with me walking away from this prospective project. He was almost rude and when I did try to speak I was cut short but I thought ‘bite your tongue’.


At the end Grayson turned round and said “you have made some good, sound suggestions, I am not used to people I deal with making suggestions, usually they follow my directions. What you have said has made complete sense so before you quote for this work can we go over your ideas and suggestions and I would then like you to quote on all the ones that we agree on”.


This took me by surprise, but as you will read we were very successful with our quotation and this lead to us being awarded this very large project. It also led to Grayson and myself becoming very good friends and both respecting each other for our own particular knowledge.

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We also carried out phase two of this project and one other as a nominated subcontractor, this was only because we do not generally do door and threshold alterations. Although I ended up making and helping the carpenter to do these alterations as he had not come up against wheelchair friendly thresholds before. In hindsight I think we would have been better off being the main contractor and getting our own subcontract carpenter.


As you have just read, we work well with companies and clients by listening and making suggestions and this is backed up by the amount of testimonials we have from our clients. Go check them out for yourself if you haven’t already by clicking



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Read the testimonials from some of our clients


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Ted and his team have undertaken the ground works and gardening contract on our site for many years. Within this time the appearance of the grassed areas and gardens on and around the site has significantly improved and our costs have reduced at the same time. His company is knowledgeable, efficient and conscientious and I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone else.”

Andrew M Holt
Site Engineering Manager

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Ted & his Team of friendly and experienced staff have provided Viridor Waste Management with ten years of professional service, maintaining and monitoring the restoration of Masons Landfill Site. Ted had maintained over five thousand newly planted trees and over five acres of meadow land to a high standard that prevents visual intrusion to the local community. With the continuing growth of the Landfill Site, Ted and his Team will have many years of aftercare to contend with

Nigel Steward
MRF Unit Manager



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A-Z Landscapes have taken care of the grounds maintenance for over 12 years at a number of premises I manage . Whenever I visit those sites I invariably find that Ted is keeping them clean, tidy and up to the required standard The premises are very busy working environments and I am confronted with difficult property management issues on a regular basis. I am pleased to say that thanks to the efforts to A-Z Landscapes, maintenance is not a problem area for me.”

Chris Mann
Area Property


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“A-Z Landscapes has given us an extremely good service during this time and the employees have always worked to a very high standard. Because of their outstanding service, i will be renewing their contract at renewal date, and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other companies.”

Sylvianne Smith



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“Clients of ours have used the services of A-Z Landscapes for two substantial and complex areas of block paving, one as a direct contract and one as a nominated sub-contract. In both cases this contractor considered the job thoroughly before commencement, made constructive suggestions and agreed with us sundry detailing. The resultant jobs, both in areas of occupied buildings, were very satisfactory in respect of execution and final appearance.”