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Landscaping at it’s Best

A lot of people will tell you “anyone can do Landscaping”. Yeah right!!

I can tell you, there is landscaping and there is landscaping. Like in any skill you have people that can produce something that could be called landscaping. But it takes an expert to produce outstanding results every time.

In today’s climate, it seems like every man and his dog have suddenly become professional. Professional landscapers or professional block paving companies. I can tell you that some of the jobs I have seen over the years have brought tears to my eyes. Especially when I have found out how much the clientele paid for it.

We could have carried out the work, professionally. For the same cost or even cheaper in some cases with a lot better results.

What makes me a good judge of what’s good or not?

Would over 30 years of experience in the industry and at times at the cutting edge of new technology do?

I am from the era of giving the customer what they pay for and more.

Because I am proud to say I am known as “old school”.

Always putting Quality before Quantity.

Staying in business for this long certainly didn’t mean putting the money first, before doing great jobs for customers.

As I said earlier I have seen and rectified enough bad jobs from these cowboys to last me a lifetime.

I know the customers can be to blame a lot of the time. But they are only trying to save money as we all do. And as you know this can cost a lot more in the long run.

Tips for finding good reliable Professionals

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Always, when looking for professionals make sure you pick ones that have landline phone numbers and not just mobile numbers.

I always think that at least landline numbers are tied to properties that have physical addresses. And that alone should give you more security.

Ask how long they have been in business and how many years experience they and the workforce has. Remember that the job is only as good as the people carrying out the work

Get the proposed professional or tradesperson to tell you how he is going to do the job.

Even, if you don’t know what on earth they are on about and not just the price.

This is something I always do.

Also, I watch the clients face and when I see that they don’t know what I am saying, I stop and explain until they do.

Another good tip is to make sure they look at you and talk to your face without looking away too much.

People who are a bit dodgy or are not telling the truth tend to look away from you

Ask for addresses and phone numbers of customers they carried out work for recently and some time ago if possible.

If they give excuses of why they can’t do this, then do not entertain them at all as this is a great big warning sign.


landscaping at its best

Landscaping salespeople you don’t have to pay!

Here is one of my secrets that I am revelling to you. I absolutely love people asking me for previous work addresses.

By visiting the property and talking to the owners, I know that I will get the job as customers make wonderful salespeople.

Just think about this.

If you have work carried out for you and it is really good what do you do?

You will be singing the praises of the professionals that carried out that work for you.

Am I right or wrong?

Unless it is a really simple job always get the quotation in writing. With the process of works to include depths, materials and start and finish dates.

I always try to give a start date usually with a plus or minus date of 3 days. But, always subject to weather conditions.


Just make sure that everything is included in the quote, such as waste charges and material costs.

Get the one final sum of for the work being carried out.

But be warned. Because sometimes unexpected problems do occur, they will carry extra costs.


Use these tips and information for all your jobs.

Doesn’t matter whether it is in or outside your house whether it is for landscaping or even painting your house.

Come, check us out at azlandscapes.co.uk

Achieving higher standards.

Landscaping at its best.