Decking Materials

Plastic Decking Image

Recycled Plastic Decking With Mixed Plastics

Another material for decking is recycled plastic. When using this mixed plastic material it can be applied to areas where wooden decking wouldn’t really be practical.

This makes plastic composite materials ideal for use around ponds, pools and other water features, in shaded areas and for children’s play areas.

The use of this type of material is endless as it is water proof, keeps its looks for years – in fact past your life time and many generations to come. Plastic decking is also resistant to moisture and most types of staining.

This type of material is the first choice of local authorities, national rivers authorities and other public areas that have a substantial amount of traffic.

A benefit of using this type of material is there is just about no maintenance required. Also by using this recycled material you are doing your bit for the environment and saving up to 32% from landing up in a landfill site.

It is surprising the amount of plastic that can be recycled from house hold waste, like plastic milk bottles, dry food containers, old buckets and containers, drink and washing up liquid bottles.

Like everything there are advantages and disadvantages when using recycled plastic decking as listed below,


Very little maintenance

No cracking, splinters or rotting out

No staining, painting or vanishing required.

Helping to save the planet


The initial cost

That is about the only disadvantage there is but if you look at it long term then it will work out cheaper.

If you can get over the initial cost then this is certainly the material to have and use for your decking projects.

Recycled plastic decking is a great all round product and is a good alternative to wood decking.